The holiday season has a reputation of overindulgence. This is no doubt the biggest challenge especially when it comes to health and nutrition as family and friends gather around for feasts and other social events. On the other hand, overeating could cause the bodies to have extra weight, which might last through the following days, or even weeks. undefined

1. Ditch the Sugar Bombs

With many sugar-filled sweets during the holidays, it is common to develop cravings and to eat more. Studies show that sugar might cause an aggravation of the cycle of cravings, binges and energy drops. To break that chain, decide to cut out completely any sweets and sugary snacks for 4 to 10 days after the holidays. In this case, opt instead for satisfying your sweet tooth through naturally sweet foods like fruits and vegetables, which in turn can stabilize blood sugar levels and reduce the constant cravings.

2. Shrink Your Stomach

Holiday excesses may give you a feeling of fullness, which can very easily turn into overeating. Alternating this effect, split your meal into three parts by removing one-third of your plate before eating.. Through training your stomach that it can be satisfied with smaller portions, you can cut down on calorie intake and lose weight. This can be that simple action that can help redefine your eating habit and avoid future binge eating.

3. Eat More of Your Protein.

The high protein foods are famous by the fact that they prolong the feeling of fullness and help people in the process of weight loss. Get lean protein from chicken, fish, Greek yogurt, and turkey. This will help satisfy your hunger and keep you full for a longer time. Go for having protein in every meal which will in turn help you avoid overeating and keep blood sugar levels steady all day long. By concentrating on protein-rich meals, you will end up with a healthy appetite and achieving your weight loss goals

4. No More Bypassing Booze

Many alcoholic drinks have a high caloric content and taking too much of them can lead to you gaining weight. Keep the count of your cocktails and high-calorie drinks at a minimum and instead try low-calorie drinks like herbal tea, sparkling water or infused water. Hydration with smart choices such as low-calorie drinks can nurture hunger and increase metabolism and eventually decrease the calorie intake. Through alcohol intake cutting, you can effortlessly cut down calories and also support your weight loss journey.

5. Increase the Frequency of your Daily Exercises

Consistent physical activity means maintaining a good weight and optimal health as a general rule. After the holidays, develop a plan to prioritize physical activity and resume going to the gym or joining a fitness center. Mix cardio and strength training for your workouts so that you can burn more calories and gradually increase your lean muscle. Lastly, to amp up your movement level, walk, bike or join in fun activities. You will energize your metabolism, burn off calories, and faster your weight-loss success by dedicating time to exercising.

Through five easy-to-follow steps, you can efficiently melt away your holiday weight and sustain healthy routines as you march into the dawning of the year. While doing this, keep in mind to be more of a process-oriented type than a perfectionist; celebrate every step you take in the direction of health and fitness. If you are ready to commit and focus with high degree of persistence, you can achieve long-term success in managing your weight and enhancing your health over time.


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